The DKC suggests the following for anyone considering adding a dog to their family: 


Research the breeds you are considering to determine the best fit for your family. Purebred dogs all have written breed standards and jobs that they were bred for. By researching these breeds it will help you determine which will best suit your lifestyle (highly active country lifestyle vs apartment living etc). A great resource to start your research can be found here:  . This website gives a basic overview of each breed of dog related to its background, activiity level, coat care etc. 


Once you have determined a short list of breeds that you think will match your lifestyle, you may be wondering how do I find a reputable breeder? To start your search we suggest visiting this link:  PLEASE NOTE: This is simply a list of breeders provided by the Canadian Kennel Club. We suggest the public ask questions of any breeder listed, in relation to health testing, written guarantees, visiting the property, and asking any questions you feel necessary to gain reassurance that you have found yourself a responsible breeder. Note: If a breed you are interested in doesn't have a listing in your area, another way to search is by googling the National Breed Club. For example, if you were looking for an English Setter puppy you would google "English Setter Club of Canada" and go to their website and contact their club secretary. Many will have a listing of breeders they recommend. Whichever the breed, simply type "Club of Canada" after the breed name and google should locate their national breed club website for you, if they have one. 


A GREAT tool in helping the public can be found here: This website provides a wonderful resource for suggested health testing based on a specific breed. You will then want to ask potential breeders your considering, if they test for these items and to provide proof via certificates of clearance for the parents of the litter. 


Our club also reminds folks that often times there will be a wait for a puppy from a responsible, reputable breeder. Please be patient in your quest for the next addition to your family, ask the right questions, do your research and remember that adding a dog to your life is a major committment and should never be done on a whim or without researching and asking the right questions. 


Our club does have a breeder referral helper who is willing to help guide folks in the right direction: 

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